Adnohr is a standout brand in Australia’s beauty industry, renowned as the leading distributor of Studex earrings. With a commitment to quality and safety, Studex earrings are globally recognized for their exceptional standards and elegance, making Adnohr’s association with the brand a true testament to their dedication to delivering the best to their customers.

Our team at DomainFX was delighted to work with Adnohr to amplify their digital presence. The primary objective was to highlight Adnohr’s exclusive distribution of Studex earrings while also showcasing their range of skincare and haircare products.

The website underwent a comprehensive redesign, focusing on a user-friendly interface that aligns with the brand’s sophisticated image. We created individual pages for each product category, with a dedicated section for Studex earrings to highlight their prominence in Adnohr’s portfolio. The ecommerce platform was streamlined for easy navigation, allowing customers to browse, select, and purchase products with ease and security.

To increase visibility, we implemented robust SEO strategies tailored to the beauty industry and Adnohr’s unique offerings. The results were a significant increase in organic traffic, improved search engine rankings, and enhanced customer engagement.

Through our collaboration, Adnohr’s digital platform now reflects its stature as the leading distributor of Studex earrings in Australia, alongside its impressive range of beauty products. We take immense pride in this partnership and look forward to continuing our work together, driving growth and success in the digital sphere.

Explore Adnohr’s exceptional product range, including the exquisite Studex earrings collection, at

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