The tool above is designed to perform a Google search with a specified keyword and location. This allows users to see search results as if they were searching from that specific location, enabling them to obtain localized search results. It is particularly useful for those who want to understand how search results differ across various cities or regions, or for businesses looking to optimize their online presence in specific markets.

The tool works by generating a UULE (Universal URL-Encoding with Locale Emulation) parameter, which is a URL-encoded string containing the location information. The UULE parameter is appended to the Google search URL to inform Google that the search query should be performed as if it was originating from the selected location. This is done by encoding the location’s name in base64 format, determining its length, and using a key lookup to generate the UULE parameter.

Why does it matter?

Local search results on Google can vary significantly depending on the searcher’s location. This is because Google aims to provide the most relevant and useful information based on where the user is searching from. Factors that influence local search results include:

  1. Proximity: The distance between the searcher’s location and the businesses or points of interest in the search results. Google will prioritize results that are closer to the user’s location.
  2. Relevance: Google assesses how well a business or website matches the user’s search query. This includes factors such as keywords, content, and user engagement.
  3. Prominence: The popularity and authority of a business or website can impact its ranking in local search results. Google considers factors like the number of high-quality backlinks, user reviews, and online reputation.

By using the provided tool, users can gain insights into how local search results differ across various locations. This can help businesses optimize their online presence, improve their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, and target specific markets more effectively.