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Search engine optimisation is process of optimising your website in a way that encourages a higher ranking in a search engine’s organic search results. The higher a website ranks in search results the more likely you are to be seen by your potential customers.

Online marketing is cheap and super effective, making it one of the most highly competitive places to advertise. Because so many businesses are fighting over the top spots on Google and other search engines it’s important that your website is not left behind or drowned out by the crowd. Without Search Engine Optimisation you risk falling back behind your competitors to a low search engine ranking where very few, if any, people will find you.

Easy! Just give us a call and we will work with you to tailor build a solution to your needs. We have performed SEO Services for a number of clients and we don’t just stop at your website. We will analyse your entire online presence to ensure you get the absolute best results.

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Search Engine Optimisation Services:

Local SEO

Rank for local keywords to get customs in your area.

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Increase leads with performance optimisations on your website.

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Continual optimisation keeps you ahead of the pack.

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We can get your business ranking on the first page of Google to provide a stead stream of traffic.


Increase your sales

Traffic alone isn’t enough. We turn traffic into leads so you can grow your business.

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We’ve worked with businesses all over Australia to build digital solutions just right for them!

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Michael takes the time to understand my business and what works the best for results. Michael calls me weekly where other companies would barely deal with you once a month. He is affordable, honest, a hard worker and frankly is without a doubt the best SEO and website guy that I have met. Without a doubt I would recommend Michael but I would also go so far to say if you are currently using someone else for SEO then you should at the very least get Michael to look at your website. You will never be disappointed with Michael.

Tracey McMillan

Forge Legal CEO


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