Advertising on Google AdWords can be an excellent marketing medium to reach your customers. It can be very cheap and you can get massive exposure from it. There are a myriad of deals flying around from companies claiming to be the biggest and best but unfortunately most of this is nothing more than creative marketing and bloated fluff. 

We have a number of clients that have asked us for help once they finally got sick of dealing with large Google AdWords Certified Partners that seemingly care very little about performance of their advertising campaigns for smaller clients.

We have a simple, transparent system. There is no point system, no hidden fees or tricks. You only pay for the hours we actually work on your campaign and you decide how much your own daily spend will be on Google AdWords. Easy right?

We will work with you and set realistic goals that are designed to get the best return on your money. It’s important to us that you understand whats going on in your Google AdWords campaign and why. 

The process:

Step 1: Consultation

You consult with us to develop objectives for your campaign.

This information is then passed on to our Google representative that will provide feedback on our goals and objectives for your campaign.

Step 2: Confirmation

After confirmation of your daily budget, we work directly with Google to formulate a 4 week AdWords Campaign strategy.

Step 3: Customisation

Working together with our Google representative we will deploy a full Google AdWords Campaign consisting of;

  • Keywords
  • Text Ads
  • Bid Prices
  • and much more 

Step 4: Optimisation

To help the launch of your new Google AdWords Campaign staff at Google will monitor your campaign and provide feedback to improve the campaign for the first 4 weeks which will maximise your return on investment.

Where to from here?

Making the decision to advertise online is critical to the growth of any modern business.