When was the last time you applied a security patch to your website? If you’re like many websites owners out there the answer is probably never. 

Website security usually becomes a very big deal as soon as your business website is hacked for the first time. Then you usually get a bill to recover the website and hope with everything you have that your backups were actually working. It can be really scary when it happens, knowing that you and potentially your clients have been exposed to a security breach. Also, until it’s fixed you are potentially losing money by not having a working website AND you’re being billed for it to get fixed. 

We understand that when people get a website for their business, they have the best intentions of giving it all the love and time it deserves but that rarely happens unfortunately. Other areas of your business get in the way and your website just putts along in the background doing its job without complaining. 

If it could speak it would be saying something like; “Hey you! I have updates that need installing!!!” and “I lost count of how many times someone tried to break into me today!”

Hang on, why can someone break into my site in the first place?

Ever had a virus on your computer? or, has someone ever broken into your car? Your house? 

Unfortunately, as with almost everything in life, if there is a way to profit from taking something that doesn’t belong to you – then there is almost certainly someone out there willing to try and take it. Websites, just like your home computer, needs regular updates to fix security issues as they are found. In a best case scenario, they are found and fixed before anyone has a chance to use them. That’s why it’s absolutely critical to keep your website up to date. 

Now not every business has people that can deal with these issues as often as they should so we are now offering a service to do the legwork for you. 

If I sign up for these services is my website completely hacker proof?

Absolutely not, BUT it is a massive leap in the right direction. As we touched on above, not all security venerabilities are found before they can be fixed by the CMS or component developers. But once they are, we’ll apply them to your website. What you do get is peace of mind knowing that steps are taken to make sure your website is as secure as it can be.